Zheng Luo

Seeking for SDE Intern opportunity in Summer 2019


Dev Intern at Pygmal Technologies

Feb. 2017 - Jan. 2018

Pygmal Technologies is a successful startup founded by an ex-Googler. Responsible for maintaining and adding new functionalities for a VR desktop environment, SPACE, which involves integration with CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) as well as rendering using C++ and DirectX. Also implemented and optimized a ray tracer from scratch based on Embree, which outputs 720p results for a scene with ~300k faces on a workstation in real-time.

Dev Intern at Ant Financial, Alibaba Group

Jun. 2016 - Sept. 2016

Mainly responsible for developing an internal Docker-based container platform, Ant Container Service (ACS). Spent most time implementing an orchestration module similar to docker-compose with Go.

Projects & Contribution


Leader of a group of four, class project

Implemented a Go AI based on AlphaGo's first paper with UCT tree search and a policy neural network. Responsible for board class, UCT search as well as communication module with Protobuf-based serialization in C++ and Python. Beated Facebook's DarkForest(1st ver.) and GNU Go.

Awards & Publication

  • Ranked 72nd in Google CodeJam Kickstart Round D
  • Conference paper(coauthor): BAHS: A Bandwidth-Aware Heterogeneous Scheduling Approach for SDN-based Cluster Systems on ISPA 2017
  • Patent: An Analysis on Academic Big Data Based on Paper References

Key Skills

  • Writing production-level C++14/17
  • Linux usage and system programming
  • Micro-optimization and profiling
  • Debugging using GDB
  • Writing Go
  • Docker usage and implementation


M.S. in Computer Science at UC San Diego

Expected to graduate in Dec. 2019 (after fall quarter) or Mar. 2020 (after winter quarter)

B.E. in Computer Science at Shanghai Jiaotong University

2014 - 2018, GPA 3.7 @ Top 30%